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Meet Sammy Deigh

Ten years ago, little did I know that the simple act of receiving a used Nikon D100 would profoundly shape my life. In those early days, the camera was more than just a device for capturing keepsakes and personal moments; it became a window through which I explored the world, delving into the depths of my own emotions and perspectives with each click of the shutter.

That serendipitous moment marked the beginning of a transformative journey, where I was given a tool, but in reality, discovered a loyal companion.

Reflecting upon the extraordinary odyssey of the past decade, I find myself humbled by the profound privilege of being a witness to the captivating narratives that unfolded before my lens. It was not only through the meticulous honing of my skills that my journey was enriched, but equally so by the profound human connections forged with each individual who graced the frames of my compositions, breathing life into the very soul of my art.

Photo Credit via NYTimes: Elias Williams

Meet Sammy Deigh


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